“You can have it all. Just not all at once.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Time is less,and I have really many things to do. I have to make up for the year I wasted. I’m really getting attracted towards everything related to computers. I have bookmarked many pages (thinking I’ll do them later). Yesterday, I started doing many things all together. And I shouldn’t forget to mention here thoughts revolving in mind- developing a plugin for QGIS, doing project in BRL CAD. And in evening, I end up doing nothing. 😦

So, today I didn’t even thought of doing hundred things together.

Everyday Parbhdeep calls me early in morning (sometimes even before I’m fully awake) saying that she is bit worried (sometimes with errors, and sometimes with project). Her phone just works as a boost to me though makes me sad sometimes. The thought, that I always take little longer than others to work with my errors, frustrates me. The project is almost complete now, though hundred small things are left and we learned thousand small things too. I’ll complete those small things soon.



Why To Learn XML?

XML is everywhere and is now becoming very important for the web. I think there’s a hardly any field where you can avoid it. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and is designed to transport and store data.

A markup language is one which uses additional items (called markup) to create a document.

Now, you would be wondering what the word extensible mean here!!

XML is called extensible ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensibility) as it allows the author of the document to define the markup elements by their own.

This is really very easy to learn. For this, you need to have basic knowledge of HTML and javascript (these are one of the easiest languages in world).

XML is much like HTML. Here you must not confuse. These both languages are made for entirely different goals.

XML was designed to store as well as exchange data and HTML to display data. In XML, tags are not defined. You have to define your own.

Here you make all the commands (like a boss). So, you can call it a user made language.

XML does not DO anything, it is just to store and transport data. Infact, it is just information wrapped in tags.


Now, here’s question which usually comes into mind, why we need to learn XML then?


Its feature which really fascinated me is that it supports UNICODE. So every human language can be communicated using XML.

In XML, you can invent your own tags. Unlike HTML, you don’t have predefined tags here. XML is also platform independent and so technological changes doesn’t effect it.

A lot of new Internet languages are created with XML such as XHTML, RSS ,WSDL (for describing available web services ), SMIL (for describing multimedia for the web).


Now, if still these things dosen’t convince you, then I would say:

Why To Leave A Thing Which You Can Learn In About Half An Hour??


The only code which you need to learn in XML is:


<?xml version=”1.0″> and some grammar rules you need to follow.


Just take a look to this video to see what you can do in just four minutes 🙂




Today, I learned XML. I found a great XML tutorial in w3schools.com. I love the way how they split difficult sections into numerous easy ways. Now I’m looking forward to learn latex.

I heard about latex in my GD family. I haven’t learned it yet, but  I know anything discussed  there is always something worth!!

Feeling privileged to be a part of such environment 🙂

Every time something wrong has to go with me. Yesterday I worked whole day to change my fonts. As usual, I tried by making different changes in different files. I know this time also,the task is very simple and the thing is I’m just not getting the point.

I got error which clearly says that I have a problem in my osm.xml. Before making any change, I always take backup of my files.So I moved my original osm.xml into file system (thought this would solve my problem). And got the same error. So I thought I would have mistakenly  made change in my osm.xml before taking backup.

So parbhdeep sent me her osm.xml and I moved it in my file system (hoping it would solve problem) and I got almost  same error.

Now I’m 99% sure that there’s no problem with my osm.xml. Today I did nothing useful 😦


My thoughts on OpenStreetMap


OpenStreetMap is the project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world.

OSM is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.

OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of maps. Everyday thousands of people edit map.

Here I must say – “everyday thousands of people improve map, fix mistakes and are adding new data”.


Now, a question comes in mind, What makes OpenStreetMap great ?

There may be different views from different people.


There is less chance of mistake or wrong mapping in OpenStreetMap. For the first time, anybody viewing the map can suggest correction. If by mistake one person marked some location wrong, then there would be ten more to pick it.


OpenStreetMap project has amazing amount of geodata made available to the world for free. OSM data is even used by many known names on web like Foursquare, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Mapquest, and Apple’s iOS Maps app. It is used in humanitarian operations also, as now many contributers are working together to mark the havoc caused by rain in Kedarnath, India.


You can add notes on OSM by just clicking ‘Add a note’ in the bottom right corner.

OpenStreetMap is a map for the people, by the people, and made with personal local knowledge.

Personally, OpenStreetMap is very special to me. Working in OSM project made me feel for the first time that I can love Computer Science as much as I love Civil Engineering. Thank You Rai Sir for you gave me such a awesome project to work.


Today, day started with new hope,though we were bit worried for our work.

Kamal has some problem with her tiles. So we stared reading bash scripts of my packages.

While reading scripts,we found some files are missing in her file system. In /usr/share/munin/plugins/mod_tile*, Kamal don’t have mod_tile_fresh,mod_tile_zoom,mod_tile_response.

We found that tile server set up with packages and manually have entirely different paths for their files.

Then we all five  sat in circle and discussed about various things like mapnik,rendering processes,apache etc.It was a kind of hot debate.

In evening, we had two presentations. From them, I got to know about many new things

I have been trying for one and a half weeks so far to change fonts on OSM.

I think,  I have tried almost everything.

I  read almost every  blog post,  tutorial or information I can find.

Now,I feel I have either missed something or I am doing something wrong.

So,I’m now thinking to start studying from very first step.