“You can have it all. Just not all at once.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Time is less,and I have really many things to do. I have to make up for the year I wasted. I’m really getting attracted towards everything related to computers. I have bookmarked many pages (thinking I’ll do them later). Yesterday, I started doing many things all together. And I shouldn’t forget to mention here thoughts revolving in mind- developing a plugin for QGIS, doing project in BRL CAD. And in evening, I end up doing nothing. 😦

So, today I didn’t even thought of doing hundred things together.

Everyday Parbhdeep calls me early in morning (sometimes even before I’m fully awake) saying that she is bit worried (sometimes with errors, and sometimes with project). Her phone just works as a boost to me though makes me sad sometimes. The thought, that I always take little longer than others to work with my errors, frustrates me. The project is almost complete now, though hundred small things are left and we learned thousand small things too. I’ll complete those small things soon.



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