Every time something wrong has to go with me. Yesterday I worked whole day to change my fonts. As usual, I tried by making different changes in different files. I know this time also,the task is very simple and the thing is I’m just not getting the point.

I got error which clearly says that I have a problem in my osm.xml. Before making any change, I always take backup of my files.So I moved my original osm.xml into file system (thought this would solve my problem). And got the same error. So I thought I would have mistakenly  made change in my osm.xml before taking backup.

So parbhdeep sent me her osm.xml and I moved it in my file system (hoping it would solve problem) and I got almost  same error.

Now I’m 99% sure that there’s no problem with my osm.xml. Today I did nothing useful 😦



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