“He that can have patience can have what he will.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Though this post has nothing to do with my training, but still I learned a big lesson from my experience.On Tuesday, while coming back from Kamal’s home, wasp (or some poisonous insect)  stung me on eye. It hurts so bad you want to cry but instead I went to doctor , got a treatment in about one minute.

My eye, however, swelled shut and the whole side of my face swelled to the size of an watermelon.
Even my other eye got swelled too. I was unable to see anything from my one eye and it was irritating too.

I again went to doctor again and asked him to do something for my swelling.But he replied calmly that we don’t have a medicine for swelling (that was really more irritating) but has a weapon to fight with it, that’s the patience.He further said that you can thank GOD  for you are not born like this.Be patient and enjoy every moment of your life.

Though this wasn’t a good experience but from I learned a big lesson from it.


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