From last few days,I couldn’t write my blog.I was busy doing small things (was actually busy with my errors) and even started learning XML (work which our team leader assigned me).

Here are the notes from my experiences of setting up a server with different ways:

Manually Building a tile server: This was a method I chose. Setting up a server with this method becomes a bit lengthy but this method proves  better in situation if you can have problems similar to power failure.Even the errors here are easy to handle.

During installation procedure, I made a mistake in installing dependencies. I found my errors soon and everything went right(though I got errors in subsequent steps too).

Then came step of  Install mod_tile, in which I got error

“couldn’t find path to apxs2”

apxs2 was missing and tried do everything . Here i must say I tied doing everything.

apxs is apache extension tool. Even after giving a separate command to install apxs, couldn’t solve my problem.

Kamal suggested me to install LAMP server(as my apache was not installed properly).So I did that too.

I faced errors in every step. And then the final error made me  to do my work in another way.

Here’s my other way.

Building a tile server from packages:

This is quite easy way. You just need to give few commands to set up your server.

This command takes a lot of time to install the packages:

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-tile

And when my installation was 50% done, I got a power cut.

So I thought of doing rest afterwards.

And when today I tried to do it again, it showed some error.

So I thought of removing  this package .  I gave following commands there:

sudo apt-get purge libapache2-mod-tile

sudo apt-get remove libapache2-mod-tile

But still wonder why couldn’t these commands remove my packages.

And while removing these packages, I end up reinstalling my ubuntu.

Feeling very depressed and disappointed from last few days 😦 




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