second and third day of training

Screenshot of JOSM displaying OpenStreetMap da...

Screenshot of JOSM displaying OpenStreetMap data and GPS tracklogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On second and third day, I worked on OSM.

Before I dive into what OSM is, i would first say that it is a amazing map with open data. It is free editable map of the world.  It,actually,is a “Wikipedia of maps.”

You have three tools to edit OSM.
The first one-edit with id-is programmed in Java script.It uses SVG( Scalable Vector Graphics) and D3.js ( Data Driven Documents) for rendering purposes. This is simple tool and anybody can use it.

Second tool is Potlatch2. It needs adobe flash to edit. One can use the icons provided there to mark required places.One can mark anything and everything with insane levels of detail. To mark a boundary or path one needs to specify points.

Third tool is JOSM(Java open street map). One needs to download JOSM first to work on it.It can be directly downloaded from Ubuntu software center.

Next task was to find way to make pc into OSM server.

We need to build our own server as we might want our map to work differently for us.

We googled it continuously for several hours and end up finding everything on single site- “Switch2osm”.

Two ways are Ubuntu 08.04 hardy heron and Ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynix.

For building a server one needs to have complete knowledge of “Tiles and API/library”.


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